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The End of Torchwood

Well, I had a terrible feeling that it was ending and tonight pretty much sealed it. I'm so angry now I could spit.


All sorts of pictures

Click here to view pictures of the London leg of my vacation, including prisoner inscriptions in the Tower of London.

Click here to see Easter weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland, and here to see the ride north to Inverness. Finally, click here to see the Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff, Wales.

There is still much more to come.

Also, Behold! New Steampunk!

These and more available at my ETSY store.

Cheerio, mates!

I'm off to Jolly Olde! Tomorrow I will be seeing "Calendar Girls"in the West End!

Death Comes on New Year's

From Den of the Geek:

"As the days count down to Tennant's farewell, more faces return - some friendly, some not...

After Bernard Cribbins was spotted on set filming the last of the Doctor Who specials earlier this week, today saw the return of another familiar face, John Simm.

The actor, who played The Master in three episodes of Series 3 of the hit sci~fi show, was seen sporting a newly dyed blonde hairstyle on the grounds of Tredegar House. With Cribbins and Simm now in the bag, all eyes turn to next week when filming returns to Donna Noble's home and a possible appearance from Catherine Tate. She and David Tennant are presenting a BBC Radio 2 show on Saturday 11th from 10am until 1pm.

The last of the specials are due to be broadcast over the Christmas period with the finale, featuring Tennant's regeneration into Matt Smith, airing on New Year's Day. Russell T Davies recently revealed that the second of this year's specials will be broadcast before this period, shortening the gap for Who fans.

Planet of the Dead hits the small screen in the UK on Saturday 11th April on BBC One, 6.45pm with a simulcast on BBC HD."

Weeping. Weeping. Weeeeeeeeeping.
Here's a few fun new creations. All are available at Big Circle Jewelry and Steampunk Emporium. I'll set you up a reserve listing for any item in my store. Just let me know what your pleasure is.

Three Weeks from This Very Day....

Ooooooooooooooh Vieeeeeennnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

God, Why.

Why, god? Why? I joined Facebook. I swore I never would, but I have do so because folk from my old Markland group (Markland was like the SCA, only pretty hardcore authentic) were looking for me, their "great mother." Suddenly, I am in direct communication with people who I thought could care less whether they ever saw me again . Now I find that either I was wrong or that time has worked its magic. In either case, I do appear to be thought of fondly. I'm very glad. I'm also full of bittersweet emotions. I'd better take some mega doses of vitamin D to prevent a full-blown Scottish-genetics-based attack of melancholia, I think. Next thing I know, I'll be reciting Robert Burns.

Speaking of Scotland, Nick and I are in the UK in three weeks. In fact, a month from today we will be headed for Inverness by train, all ready for our water tour of Loch Ness with Nessie-hunting sonar. Today I am breaking in my new $100 walking shoes.Tomorrow, I am panicking over everything I need to do before I go. I expect that you will hear my screams in your location.

For those of my 5.659 readers who live in the DC area, iwonder, ursamater, and I will be plying our wares as Big Circle Jewelry and Steampunk Emporium at the utterly adorable Maryland Faerie Festival, May 16-17. And I think that ursamater and I will be selling our steampunk/pagan/tribal jewelry at Balticon, May 22-25. Come and see us!

Oh, and I'm expecting Battlestar Galactica tonight to really, really hurt like a mofo.

New Steampunk!

All of these and very, very much more is available at Big Circle Jewelry & Steampunk Emporium.

Blahblahblah Blah Blahblah Blah

Lord C. got inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society last night. Another plus for his college resume. I can't believe we'll be hunting colleges this summer. My god.

My hair has started to turn gray at a very alarming rate. Only carefully applied applications of youthful colored hair dye have kept it a secret. But the mean-spirited bathroom light shows me otherwise. My eyebrows are also turning gray. This getting old thing is just really, really weird.

I've fallen into my late winter TV trap: American Idol. Everyone has to have a special sin and this one is mine. Professional figure skating is my other one. Two things that one would think a freaky old babe like myself would not indulge in, but I do. Oh, I do. This year, I am rooting for Allison--the little 16-year-old punker with the deeply maroon hair. And the goofy, beauty Megan, whom I hope makes it through the wild card round tonight.

But hush now. I have gone too far in my sharing of displeasing secrets....

In other, even less interesting news, I'm trying to wrap up everything I can before I go to the UK. Lots of work; less enthusiasm for doing it. Well, best go get started.

More Who News: Whadafuh?

Den of the Geek is reporting that the Doctor Who Special currently filming--guest starring the wonderful Lindsay Duncan (Rome) and the return of Ood Sigma--will not be shown until next Christmas. Wuh? It was supposed to be shown sometime this summer. Does that mean the Doctor is regenerating in this episode or that they are pushing his transformation into Matt Smith back into 2010?

The same site is reporting that Doll House is not getting the ratings Fox wants to see. Never mind that it's fracking brilliant. I'm sure they'll end up bagging it, just like Firefly. I hate Fox with my whole soul. Joss W. needs to work only with a network that is going to support him. Why doesn't Scifi gobble him up?

To those of my 5 readers who don't care about Doctor Who, I promise I will write something about my life the very moment that something happens.

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